Brand repositioning in response to COVID - 19

For every brand, this is an incredibly difficult time. The situation at hand is uncertain, and we are unsure of what lies ahead. Almost every organisation is dealing with the consequences of this lockdown and are experiencing a decline in their business. In such chaotic situations, brands have taken up their operations on the digital platforms to connect with the sentiments of their audience, most of which, along with everyone is stuck at homes surfing through their social media handles to overcome their boredom. In such an hour of crisis, brands need to reposition themselves according to the current situation, consumer attitude and preference in order to engage with their audience and spread brand awareness 

Psychology Shift: As time is getting difficult for every brand to engage their audience and maintain their digital presence, brands need to understand the psychological shift among the consumers.

Let’s take an example of a luxury car with assets including a number of features which is positioned as the most premium and status-oriented asset. As the pandemic continues to affect the lives and business of people this positioning needs to be shifted as consumer psychology shifts to social security and wellness. People start to prioritize social values like safety security and healthiness. In such a scenario, the overall luxury car positioning could still be around the vehicle, but now it’s around a car that will help you to go home safely. It’s a car that will take care of the safety of your family. It’s a car that has the advanced air-filtration system so that you are breathing the purest air.
“It’s the same physical product, but a completely different positioning can help the brand to grab the attention of the target audience and build an emotional connection that we care for your safety. Every brand has to think in different ways. Brands can reposition themselves which directly hits the psychological needs of the users.

Playing with the business model: One of the effective ways to reposition a brand in the market is by playing with the business model. There are many brands who have achieved this, one great example would be Zomato, it repositioned itself as the need of the hour and now are delivering the essentials for survival.

Take a break: Brands need to suspend all their ongoing or planned campaigns and product launch until this pandemic is over. Brands can connect over digital platforms with their audience by talking about the current scenario and it would be great if they can relate their product and services with the problems faced by the consumers and provide prompt solutions to them. 

Rethink on offers: Offering goodies, discounts are a great way to attract your audience. During such situations, the audience tends to be much free and can make a purchase or participate in the contest which is beneficial to them. It’s the time to revamp your offers and get maximum engagement on your digital handles and websites.

Create engaging and entertaining space: As people are much free and spending maximum time on social media, it’s very important to be on their feed and stories as to connect with them regularly. Brands can create an engaging contest or set up a different entertainment space which increases their interest in your brand.

One of the great examples of a brand repositioning itself with time is Godrej. Check out Rebranding Godrej to know how they achieved it effortlessly. 

It’s always advised to change the marketing strategies with the changing scenario as to retain in the market and in the eyes of your audience. Repositioning is of utmost importance to attract your audience after such a huge outbreak. It is possible to grow your market share even in the times of adversity if the marketing strategies are planned with respect to the market scenario, customer tastes and preferences.