“Those who tell the stories,

rule the world.” – PLATO

The conquest of mankind on Earth has always revolved around story telling. Great kings and warriors alike, have fought and conquered to leave a legacy which stands the test of time. As the ages passed, the human story telling potential became more diverse and outreaching.

Inspired by Plato and the stars, we at Gemius believe in the true power of words and art, and work to tell the marvellous stories of Industry Mavericks. We leave no stone unturned in finding the right balance between setting an ethos and creating a visual design, and work round the clock to make sure our customers are thriving.

Our Logo

Our namesake, Gemius, is an amalgamation of Gemini & Sagittarius, star signs of our two Founders. The ArcTwin logo stands for balance and contemplation as well as excitement and intelligence.