Rebranding Godrej

The proliferation of technology, with the growing expectations of customers, has led the companies towards a technological revolution across the globe. But the recent trends suggest that a company is driven not only via its technological advancement, but also its brand image that helps it maintain that momentum. And often times, companies are not even well aware about its lessening visual identity until the magnetism fades in attracting the target audiences.

And when one is in the business for so long, rebranding becomes a must, in a whirlwind of efforts to appear fresh, new, and relevant to today’s audiences. It is a slippery slope and requires a lot more to successfully rebrand than merely tweaking the logo and hoping for success. But exceptions are always around to make one believe, even in the face of harrowing odds. Such is the case of Godrej, which was once synonymous with your grandmother’s old almirah, when it decided to revamp its visual identity.

Godrej is the giant conglomerate operating since the past 121 years in diverse sectors including security, furniture, real estate, consumer products, et cetera. Renowned to provide you with those unbreakable steel almirah, Godrej soap, and other stable Indian consumer products, this age old faced a downfall. Being illustrative of products that were symbolic representation of Godrej
during good old days, the newer generation struggled to find the same geniality with the brand. Henceforth, the founder of the company Mr. Adi Godrej decided to endorse the brand with Amir Khan for its new branding campaign. Rebranding, for this company, apparently consisted the makeover of the Godrej logo from a monochromatic red to a multi-coloured one.

Add to that the insertion of showcasing their products for the space programme, sponsorship of the Indian Premier League, and even creating a show to promote Godrej products, called Khelo Jeeto Jiyo. The complete manoeuvre allowed the company to outgrown itself from a completely isolated entity to an inseparable component of today’s homes. And with that, Godrej has come a long way which one would not easily expect from a company having its roots in the British era.

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