Welcome to the second post on Gemius’ Blog, namely “Written in the Stars.” As the Visual Strategist & Copy Writer at the agency, the responsibility(burden) of writing this blog inadvertently fell on my shoulders (although it was my idea to even have a blog in the first place). Having worked at Gemius for over a year, it is not difficult to figure out what to write as much as what not to. A lot of stories, projects, clients, and songs, have happened over the period of 16 months, and this blog was envisioned to be an apt outlet for all that.

“We create art et al.”

This line flashes on the website’s landing page. But how true is it? We would like to think it is. In a city like Surat, ad agencies are less likely to be creative and more likely to be a serial design machine, making more of what exists and is safe, and less of anything new and original. At Gemius, we try everyday to break out of that paradigm and outdo ourselves.

Every fortnight, we intend to discuss the latest of art, advertising, or music, as well as shed light on content and design concepts to the fullest of our ability. We think this blog will be useful for anyone who is a newbie in the industry to someone who just wants a good laugh. Tune in next week for the second post.

This week’s playlist:

Loner Anthem by Josh A

Fractures by Illenium

In Motion by All Day

This Town by Kygo

Thuderbird by The Golden Filter