How brands can grow on Instagram using Reels

Instagram has been transforming the world of digital communication. The platform rolled out its latest feature called Reels at the start of August, creating a lot of buzz on social media after TikTok was banned in India. Initially, people criticized reels and a lot of memes were generated on the same. After some time, users got a knack of it and started creating engaging videos irrespective of any field. From Fashion to Technology, Reels are a great tool to generate leads and grow your business organically.

First, let’s understand. What are Reels?

Reels allow users to create 15-second short video clips with effects using their own creativity and imagination. Users can scroll limitlessly according to their area of interest which is based on their likes, follows, interactions and other parameters.

Let’s discuss some tips on how brands can grow using Instagram Reels.

     1) Create shareable content :  

Content is king! Create fun, attention-grabbing, quirky content that resonates with what’s trending in the moment, it helps the brands be seen by a larger audience. You can use your creativity and artistry skills to showcase how your brand stands out from your competitors wrapped up in those 15-second videos. The focus should also be on authenticity and originality.

     2) Tell a story:

Although the time frame is short, reels should portray a story. The brand’s USP should be reflected in your reels adding meaning to it. This will increase the engagement rate and could also get you featured in the search section.

     3) Optimize all your filters and effects.

Brands can use all of the tools and features on Instagram to make the most out of its Reels. Make proper use of the Align tool, timer and AR filters. They add a playful and excitable theme to your videos which makes them more attractive.

     4) Inspire and educate your audience:

Create Reels that inspire, motivate and educate your audience. Curate content in a manner that teaches your users a couple of techniques and tricks. This could turn into a learning opportunity for them, making your brand a valuable asset.

     5) Watch your competitors:

Analyzing and learning from your competitors can make a huge difference in your quality of posts. Watch their communication strategy, analyze their page,  study how do they portray themselves to their audiences, try and understand what’s working for them. Learn from their lessons and induce in your brand but most importantly, do not copy. Develop your ideas and mould it into your brand using your creativity.

     6) Generate Hashtags:

Adding hashtags in your Reels increases your reach and makes your content more discoverable. The hashtags should be about your brand and should also be relevant to your product and your communication. Don’t try to put in too many hashtags in your reel, include hashtags that you think the users will search more about your particular brand or industry.

And, Be consistent! Keep up with the latest trends, songs, hashtags and create reels based on that. Reels could help you and your brand explode. Now is the best time to elevate your game, so what are you waiting for?

Start creating Reels and if you have already started, keep in mind the above tips when you make another one.