Being in the Moment (Marketing)

With the technology and trends moving forward at a breakneck pace, it is imperative that the brands keep up with them. In order to stay hand in hand with the ever-changing marketing ploys, every brand needs to step up their game. Especially with social media being ubiquitous, having an impressive online presence is a must. One such strategy that brands are using in their favour is Moment Marketing. It has been a viral trend for quite some time now and is an effective way to connect with consumers. A few brands that have been cashing in on this topical trend are McDonald’s, Burger King, Zomato, Swiggy, Netflix et cetera. Brands like Badshah Masala, Fevicol, Swiggy, Dunzo are not far behind. 

With the world suddenly hit with this growing pandemic, the novel coronavirus, times are uncertain. Moment Marketing doesn’t work for all, one wrong move can become the reason for a brand being stamped as insensitive or tone-deaf. Some brands like Zomato and Netflix who have a very casual, fun-spirited communication language can easily strategize around this. In fact, brands have been capitalising the current scenario by engaging with the audience and thus increasing brand awareness. 

The Social Distancing Movement – Various brands used this tactic to highlight the importance of social distancing amidst this ongoing situation. Parle G is a marketing prowess that has an indispensable connection with its audience. It was one of the first brands to show it’s mascot stepping out of the zone and practising social distancing. Taking a page from their book, other brands like Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn followed through with their own versions. 

Everyday Superheroes – The outbreak made people realize the real superheroes of the world. The brands have been paying an ode to the people at the forefront of it all. They have been coming up with creative ways to salute them for the incredible life-risking work that they are doing. From doctors, nurses, municipal workers, to delivery people, volunteers and the police. They are the ones working through it all on the front line. 

Better Together – This is a time that has brought the brands together. Instead of pitting brands against each other, they came together on Twitter to share an indispensable message. The various airports and airlines encouraged people to stay in the safety of their homes for a safer tomorrow. The various Twitter handles owned by the Indian Police are also sharing their fun take on lockdown lessons in order to lighten the mood. These crossovers have been keeping people entertained on social media. 

Creative Spot – The other various ways to keep people engaged and keep things interesting were by introducing Virtual Bingo, which brands like Tinder, Netflix, McDonald’s and Parle-G did. One other famous idea included asking people to zoom in on the post and then warning them that it was too close for comfort and social distancing should be maintained. 

Moment Marketing is a very successful way to gain the audience’s attention, but if done wrong then things can go sideways. Instead of making the viewers feel relieved during this chaotic time, a wrong move or misinformation can cause mayhem.