Using stories as a tool to take your digital game up a notch

The digital market has been evolving at an aggressive speed. The brands have been upping their game with creative, innovative and an agile approach towards their marketing strategies. The digitally active brands are trying to come up with ways to capture the attention of their target market along with creating an impressive engagement amongst its consumers.

People are always consuming content on-the-go, at all hours and with unlimited brands to follow. All day long they are flipping through stories, liking, sharing and commenting. What makes your brand interesting is it’s shareable content. In a bid to stand out from its competitors, brands can notch up their strategies by using the following methods:

Augmented Reality Filters – These filters are a topical trend used to get an escape from reality and enter a virtual world. A variety of filters to change your persona and turn into a completely different person. The consumers have been playing around with this format and sharing their outcomes relentlessly. Brands like Adidas and Disney made the most of augmented reality by introducing their own personalised filters for the audience to try out.

Relatable Content – It is rightfully said that “Content is King”. Putting out relatable content is the way to your target market’s mind. They should be able to connect with your content and further share it with their friends! A lot of times the consumers only take a moment to understand a story if it seems something like they relate to. They may not come across your posts, but stories are the way to capture their attention. Brands such as Zomato, Parle-G and Netflix are some who have captured the market perfectly.

Excessive Variety – In order to engage your followers sometimes you may share a bunch of stories, but it is only effective if the stories are talking about something your followers understand and care about. If you want a specific story to be highlighted and noticed by your consumers then do not bombard them with a lot of stories. It may get lost in a sea of stories, rendering it ineffective. Brands such as Swiggy and Maggi are responsible for creating an amazing market hold over it’s consumers.

Every Second Counts – If you are sharing a video story, then keep in mind that it’s initial seconds matter the most in holding a person’s attention. People are tapping through the stories at a rapid speed without a second glance. It’s crucial to start your story with an eye catchy concept or trending music for a long lasting impression. The short and to-the-point videos are the most successful ones. Try to inculcate them in your social media accounts. Take a page from Netflix’s book and embrace this technique.

These are some ways to increase your brand following and to make your brand stand out amidst it’s competitors. Make stories your superpower and enhance your digital game!