The Personal Touch - Opening new doors to Marketing!

With the digital marketing campaigns evolving and taking shape aggressively, it’s up to brands to kick up their marketing game a notch to maintain their position in the competitive struggle to be relevant, relatable & hip. With everyone looking up new ways to stand out with their social media campaigns, here’s a way you can bring your A-game to the field. It’s not a new trend you can jump on or a marketing gimmick to adapt to woo your audience. It’s an unexplored segment in the current fast-paced world of marketing, where bots are replacing humans, and we seem to have lost the human touch. So we implore you to forge a new path towards -The Personal Touch. 

The messaging in your every social advertisement, branding campaigns, or social media promotion plan should strike the right chord with your audience. It should be to the point, inspiring, connected and instilled with The Personal Touch. Only then your work will stand out amongst the crowd and create the necessary impact. Without the personal touch, you’re simply putting out a lacklustre story. 

One other technique prevalent in the marketing sector is Touch Marketing, which involves a hands-on approach and calls for consumer interaction. With every social media campaign, you need to utilize all the channels at your disposal. This includes the traditional ways of marketing and the digital ways as well. In the current era, implementing this Multi-Touch Marketing approach can prove to be a certified success for your brand. 

If you’re still wondering how to set your brand apart, then read on to know some ways for a smooth approach:

Transparency is key

Being upfront about what you have to offer and how your product/service inculcates itself in a user’s life is imperative in the current marketing scenario. It’s what makes you stand out amongst your niche. Make sure that your brand contributes to the needs and wants of your consumer, as this drives brand loyalty amongst your patrons. Portray your brand not just as an entity but as a person working behind the scenes and making things happen. A remarkable social marketing example is Zomato. They have set a benchmark that not many can reach. Whether a situation is to their benefit or not, they always show both sides of the coin. 

The first impression does matter

To make sure that your customer remembers you and forms a connection with your brand, it’s a good idea to go above and beyond to make a lasting impression. It ensures that your customer will be back again as they had a smooth experience and felt that they matter to you. One way to elicit an emotional response and make sure your campaign resonates with everyone – take a step towards Inclusive Marketing. It’s the best way to lend a personal touch to your creative campaign ideas. Samsung India Service set an excellent example with their catchy tagline – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are. It (definitely) had a lasting impact on our minds. 

Do things the friendly way

With the internet turning out to be a toxic platform, churning out haters and foul-mouthed people hidden behind their screens, every brand needs to ensure that its audience feels comfortable and a feeling of positiveness when they associate with them. To warrant an approachable digital experience and a happy customer, get things right by being kind. But don’t shy away from calling out people and letting them know that you care. OYO does just that with their awareness campaign ideas. They spread awareness about woman empowerment by separating the antagonists from the genuine consumers. 

Build a community, not a customer base

If you want your social media advertisement to be effective, it’s imperative to sell your product/service, but also to connect the idea with your end consumer. Instead of driving all your focus on a category of consumers, try widening your target market and form a community that is loyal to the brand. One way to achieve this is a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Try to generate reviews on your product and use it to your advantage. It spreads the word about your product and in turn making you talk of the town. It can also be achievable by tapping into the mindset of your audience in the right way. Netflix has been spearheading the OTT platform industry for quite some time now. Netflix has been successful in not just creating a loyal fan base, but turning its legions of followers into a community. 

As you can see, brands need to make their every interaction count and turn it into something meaningful. It’s the only way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Cause if your consumer is not satisfied, it doesn’t take them long to turn their backs on you. So make sure you are thoughtful and responsive towards your consumer’s needs and wants and provide them with a sense of security with your brand. Deliver what you promise and then sit back and see the result!