Moment Marketing: How it will help businesses for growth?

The marketing horizon is an ever-changing one. The digital revolution has given traditional marketing methods a run for their money. Limitless advertising possibilities have emerged and have been effectively used by brands. One such marketing tactic is moment marketing, where you associate your brand with a “moment” or an event. It isn’t really difficult when it relates to the masses. You just need to be aware of the current and prospective trending moments and wait for the best time to capitalize on them. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not to burst your bubble, but it is quite tricky! You have to time it JUST RIGHT and communicate exactly when the consumer is willing to listen and interact.

Mainly a digital and real-time marketing strategy, it allows a brand to take advantage of current and ongoing events and connect with them. Being involved in the conversation helps your brand create a sense of relevance with the audience. 

4 Moment Marketing Tips

Let’s find out how a moment marketing campaign or simply implementing a moment marketing strategy would effectively aid your brand’s growth- 


One of the biggest merits of the digital world is that you stay updated on all the news and events. People search for news and want to know what is trending. Entertainment is another factor why a lot of the public has made the transition from TV to social media. This is where you seize the “moment”. It helps you be relevant and entertaining, and show up with exactly what people are searching for.


Rapidly decreasing attention spans are a huge challenge for marketers. Moment marketing is an ideal choice, creating opportunities for quick and instantaneous interaction with consumers. The onus lies in you to create content that is interesting and shareable. An engagement-triggering moment could be anything from a dialogue from a popular show to a trivial daily routine.


People tend to share interesting and trending content with others or on their social media accounts. This helps in extending the reach to not just the target audience but even further! The extent of outreach you can gain from a shareable and trendy piece of moment marketing is unimaginable!


A well-established moment marketing approach will have a significantly wider reach than what can be achieved with any other strategy. Your business can gain multiple benefits (a few as mentioned above!) with minimal time and money being invested.


  • Remember to keep your product at the center of the campaign.
  • Pick the latest trend and act IMMEDIATELY!
  • Throw in humor (very important!)
  • Relate your brand with the trend.
  • Seize the “moment” instead of chasing it.

It is crucial to note that moment marketing is not ideal for brands with serious communication and personality, like pharmaceuticals, to state an example. 


Moment marketing boils down to just two facts: Right Message, Right Time. The best way to engage the modern customer is to meet them on their terms, rather than coming up with something disruptive. This strategy provides the means to wade into daily conversations and shape the consumer’s preferences while utilizing lesser resources. Moment marketing is more than just a fad, it is here to stay!

For a business, it is not feasible to keep an eye out on social media and watch out for prospective trends to capitalize on. It is better to leave it to the experts, and that is where we come in!

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