Meme Marketing: More Than A Trend

It is astonishing that you came out of the world of memes and got some time to read this blog on memes. Well, as you are here, let’s talk about meme marketing and actually have a serious discussion on it. (you might have thought about a lot of sarcastic memes in your head after reading this line.) Another meme idea for expectations Vs reality? (it just might be.)

Never mind, let’s get our “pawry” started! (if you know, you know!) , but not before Shashi Tharoor pops that coconut! 

It’s not just you, but the entire world is a memer. (They will never be out, whether it is their expertise or not!) We share uncountable memes with our friends and family every day, and now the situation is that we actually have adapted the language of memes. 

Ask yourself, how many memes references you say during the entire day, and you’ll know what impact memes have on your life. 

But why doesn’t someone use and say or give reference to a meme? After All, they are so relatable, and honestly, you find one meme each day for which you think – this is for me, or this is so relatable that I’ll put it on my social media. 

Did you know? 

The term meme was coined in the year 1976.

Yes, the term is that old. 

How astonishing it is that the term which was coined such a long time back has become a trend only a few years back. 

We are not going to put a lot of overwhelming stats on you here, but it is a fact that meme marketing is overtaking the world of business and marketing. When just by creating a meme if brands can get better sales, what can be the better way? (Cricket uncle standing right here in his iconic pose and thinking why didn’t he start his own meme page by now)

Why are marketers so enthusiastic about memes?

Meme culture on social media is being used by brands to boost the value of their online marketing. They’re making shareable material that has the potential to become viral (crossing fingers). Don’t you think this approach is far more appealing and engaging? After all, it’s popular among Millennials.

We will tell you four reasons why you should start practising producing memes right immediately – 

1. Memes are entertaining.

Every day, Internet users are projected to spend 145 minutes on social media and divert their attention away from whatever is bothering them in real life. (because you don’t have a Chellam sir in your life)

77 percent of users on social media follow your pages to get coupons and deals. Meme marketing is an excellent approach to reach out to clients who may not be aware of your business because there are only so many discount codes you can post to generate activity. 

When you share a good meme, you nearly always get a lot of likes, shares, retweets, and other forms of online connection. Memes help businesses to communicate with clients without coming across as pushy. (Suez canal was still unblocked in a few days, but unblocking your business would become difficult if you don’t follow this advice.)

Even if the memes aren’t directly relevant to your company, they help spread the word. And, because first impressions matter, nothing beats presenting oneself to potential consumers with some good old-fashioned wit.

2. Memes help people relate to your brand.

Nowadays, brands take a more relaxed approach to client contact, frequently using a casual tone. All of this is done to make a brand feel more personable and less artificial. (Like Xavier’s replies, people will look forward to your posts, trust us!)

Customers must understand that you are not a stuffy corporate entity, but rather something far more dynamic. Here’s where memes come in handy. Nothing brings a brand’s humanity to life quite like humour.

3. Memes are completely free.

Have you ever wondered why the internet is so full of memes? It’s because they’re simple to make. To make one, you only need basic photo-editing skills. (yes it’s that simple) *insert Aman Gupta’s iconic – Hum bhi bana lenge meme*

Meme marketing requires very little money. Businesses have the option of hiring specialists. 

You can still participate in the fun even if you don’t have the means for a dedicated memer. Anyone who keeps up with current events and is social media savvy can create good memes. Perhaps this is the best aspect of the whole event.

4. Memes can assist you in going viral.

What is online marketing’s holy grail? It’s “going viral.” That concludes it. A marketer fantasies of developing content that will spread like wildfire across several screens. However, with ordinary promotional postings on social media, realising this objective is difficult. Once again, meme marketing provides the ideal opportunity to accomplish this.

Marketers devote a significant amount of time and money to producing viral content. Memes are more easily shared and can become a symbol of your company for days. That means after your brand makes a meme that goes viral, you will be super famous (and rich) *Phir kya karenge aap itni dhan rashi ka?*

Make your meme visible.

But before that, take some “Jal”, you might be tired of laughing and reading this blog. 

1. Timing is Everything (just imagine the vibe cat, timing is definitely everything!)

A meme, like a good punchline, is given at the right time. You must take advantage of a popular trend. So keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter for updates. 

Make a witty meme about something that’s trending, and your chances of becoming viral will treble.

2. Don’t Go Blind (otherwise like PUBG, you will also be banned)

Comedy is most effective when delivered to the appropriate audience. Before you tell a joke, think about your audience’s age, cultural background, race, and socioeconomic status. Just because you’re using memes for marketing doesn’t mean you should do it on the spur of the moment.

3. Be Relatable, Creative, and Indirect *because you are not Bernie Sanders who can fit everywhere*

Memes work in a certain way. Someone in a corner of the internet comes up with a funny format. Often the material comes from a movie, TV show, news, or anything that’s currently popular. People add their ingenuity to this format and voila, you have thousands of memes being shared within a few hours. 

Among these, the memes that are the most relatable and creative stand out. The third ingredient of this recipe that’s essential for brands is being indirect.

4. Keep Memes in Line With Your Online Persona (because not everyone is as lucky as BINOD!)

For a limited period of time, a viral meme will gain popularity on social media. However, for your meme marketing efforts to be more long-lasting, the content must support your online brand.

5. Don’t be in a Hurry (because Siddhant Chaturvedi also waited to achieve his dreams and move past his struggles)

Let’s be honest. Nothing is more irritating than forced comedy. You would feel driven to participate in a popular meme format as a marketer. If you can’t think of anything hilarious, it’s sometimes better to let things go.

Meme marketing is simple yet it comes with certain guidelines that you need to strictly follow. Pushpa kabhi nahi jhukega, but you need to, in front of these guidelines. 

So let’s get our meme game strong brands! (otherwise, others will get all the traffic and you will still be thinking – Rasode main kaun tha? )