Marketing approaches businesses can adapt after the lockdown

We are all collectively waiting for the day when we conquer this dreadful disease, walk around and live freely back again, but till then, maintaining sanity and safety, both are equally important. Staying home and practising social distancing are sure shot ways to control the spread of the virus, but they have gravely impacted our economy and our individual finances as well. Due to the countrywide lockdown, albeit important, businesses are going through a major crisis, struggling to keep them afloat, paying bills and salaries with almost no income for over a month.

Marketing budgets across all companies have seen a huge decline during this period and it is expected to stay that way, till things come to their normal order. And even after the lockdown is lifted, this downturn of business activities will continue for a longer period till customers feel safe, the economy starts to grow and people start to spend money on things apart from essentials. But this is no reason for businesses to stop their marketing activities, but try a different approach to stay relevant and visible to their customers. Here are some steps companies can take after the lockdown is lifted.

Digital First
This is not some new, unheard mantra that will change everything for companies, globally, we have all gone digital for years now. But now, more than ever, the approach of digital first is surely a way to keep your business afloat. People are home, surfing through their phones as they curtail their boredom and that’s not to change for a long time, even after the lockdown is lifted. The public is slowly set to get to their routine life but due to safety measures, for a long time, stay indoors is going to be practised. Instead of putting up big hoardings with great offers or setting out newspaper ads, focus all your energy and budgets on various digital ads. Not just engagement, but leads can be easily formed during this time through these targetted ads.

Change The Language: What’s Your Value?
A time when everyone is pretty much hit with the financial drawbacks of the pandemic, even as we slowly start to grow out of it, spending habits are going to be, if not already have changed. People will spend less on leisure and luxury items and only on things which are necessary and of value to them. In this time, businesses need to change how they market their products or services. Instead of showing how it is better than every other product in the market, their messaging should revolve around how their offering will add value, provide solutions and make their customers’ lives easier.

Personalization Is Key!
Every business will be trying to grab eyeballs of their customers as soon as this starts to get over and it is easy for you to get missed or forgotten in this flood. A good way to ensure that not only your customers come back to you, but new ones tap into your offerings too is to make everything experience the customer has with the brand a personal one. That means, website and account personalisation, direct marketing that focuses on their seeds and what they would like and the right encouragement to make a purchase with benefits relevant to their, online or offline.

These are some approaches businesses can adapt as the end of this global struggle comes to an end. Bouncing back will be a struggle for everyone but it is possible, with the right direction and quality both in products and services and communication with your customers.