Influential Game Changers

Being a market wide success requires bringing your A-game to the table. The way to do that is by becoming a sensation with your viral marketing strategies or by being ‘on fleek’ with your top tier marketing tactics. Product Promotion which is a common partnership nowadays helped to coin the term Influencer Marketing that is used to describe the collaboration with an influencer in order to connect with the target audience and generate sales. It is a cross between being real and relatable. The core points that ensure a collaboration being successful are as follows:

Impressive Reach – The one thing that brands hugely benefit from is the follower count of an influencer. While collaborating with any influencer, the initial thing that matters is their reach. Whether they are a celebrity or a self made influencer, their followers are what decides whether the partnership between a brand and the influencer will be beneficial or not. It helps the brands a lot as they are able to benefit from the influencer’s audience through the collaboration, hence widening their reach.

Relatable Content – An influencer builds their following over a period of time by putting out content that resonates with their audience and helps them garner the attention of others as well. The best way to go is to be believable, relatable and transparent with the audience about the paid partnership. The creative content helps the brand to stand out from its competitors, and catch the eye of their prospective consumers. Seeing a fresh perspective on a brand also creates an impressive goodwill in the minds of the consumers.

Preach, but naturally – Just hiring a celebrity as a brand ambassador doesn’t cut it anymore, the target audience is more likely to connect with a genuine and credible person, such as an influencer. It is a well known stigma that the well-known personalities simply advertise a product and are not themselves fully invested in it. Whereas, an influencer has a tried and tested method after which they decide to promote any product or service. They try to not promote unrealistic things, and stick to brands that have a serious potential to ensure that the content is not misleading.

Latest Rage – One platform that has been trending and is responsible for the most viral content right now is TikTok. Along with boasting millions of users, it is one of the most used social media applications by Gen Z as well as the millennial. With being stuck at home and nowhere to go, people have resorted to make TikTok that describe their situations well. It is generating the most content as of now, hence being a TikTok influencer is also something that is trending like crazy. If you are a brand looking to make the most of the current scenario, then TikTok is the way to go!

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