Inclusive Marketing - Matter That Matters!

The business of marketing and advertising began and has sustained by hitting the right chords with people, all kinds of people. Although it may be a vehicle to get money into the businessmen’s pockets, it has also become one to show parts of society that many are not aware of, are not in agreement with or simply don’t care about. A simple message of service being available everywhere packaged in a compelling story of ‘Samsung India Service – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are.’ is one fine example of eliciting an emotional response and impact an ad can have. So why not use that influence to shed light on matters of the hour, matters that matter? Many brands have questioned themselves this and have landed up on the answer too! “Definitely!”

The need for inclusion is an economic, social and in many ways cultural necessity across the globe for a reason that’s utterly simple, ‘Because we’re human!’ The marketing mavericks have slowly recognized the power of inclusive marketing and we have seen a stable and welcome rise in diversity inclusion as a part of a brand’s communication, imagery, messaging and beliefs. It has gone beyond being just a trend, it’s a revolution, a movement. A representation for people who have always felt unheard, unseen and ignored.

A brand that acknowledges the influence it has and uses it to advance a movement that helps millions in some way or the other – now that’s what our gen calls “woke” in its truest sense. But why just seek wokeness? There are some benefits that come along with it.

Instant increase in your market size.
If you step away from catering to with the staple and focus on resonating with people of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, identities, ages, bodies, religions, abilities, sexual orientations or otherwise, you become approachable to people on a massive scale.

They see themselves when they think of you.
If a teen girl who has struggled with weight issues all her life sees an ad where a beautiful, voluptuous woman is looking just as fire as the standard skinny model next to her in your product, you not only give her the confidence of accepting herself, you make her instantly connect with your brand and potentially, turn her into a loyal customer.

You help normalize unnecessary prejudices.
A matrimonial company that not only provides services to find partners of the same gender, but also markets it as positively, progressively and normally as heterosexual couplings can bring a change that the society needs. If enough people start discarding orthodox prejudices, more people follow, just by instinct. A brand has the sway to be that torch-bearer and be known forever as the one who worked for change, not just business.

So there you have it! Sit with your colleagues when there’s a new campaign pitch and dedicate the meeting hours to having a conversation about whether you are being more inclusive or not. Look for examples from your life and bring them in what you show your audience. Because in the end, those people who are in all their essence, real, are the ones who truly matter.