Your Guide To Email Marketing

How many times does it happen to you that you open your email and see at least one email (if not loads of them) from brands that notify you about their new collection launch or a big sale that the brand is going to hold very soon? Quite often, isn’t it? And honestly, sometimes these emails do help us! Of course, they do! 

In this blog we are letting you know about the importance of email marketing. Keep reading! 

Email marketing: What is it?

Email marketing is the practise of using email communications as part of a marketing plan to meet particular corporate objectives.

Today, brands are turning to email communications as a marketing tactic to increase sales, improve customer engagement (via newsletters), attract new clients, raise brand awareness, and reward client loyalty.

The importance of email marketing is that it places a strong emphasis on communication and awareness with current clients and customers. In an outreach effort, emails can be used to lure and draw in potential clients.

The most successful email marketing campaigns can be segmented to address several personas for various goals.

Email marketing campaigns come in many varieties and serve a variety of functions. Let us inform you about them.

Types of email marketing campaigns

1. Newsletters

Newsletters are a good way to keep clients interested in your business. They often include information aimed at clients about new goods or services, business-related news, significant announcements, or any alterations the brand wants to make clear.

2. Welcome Messages

These emails are often sent to new customers when they register online, but they can also be used to generate sales, follow up with leads, or spread brand awareness. In order to further spur client interest or action, a welcome message typically works best when accompanied by a special offer.

3. Birthday or Anniversary Messages

This programme increases client loyalty and retention. This kind of communication features significant brand or customer achievements and frequently includes a unique promotion or discount code that recipients can use.

4. Short-Term Deals

Targeting customers in sales, particularly those who have bought comparable things or those who haven’t finished their purchases, is done with this email marketing. Additionally, many emails contain discount or promotion coupons that are time-limited.

5. Emails about abandoned carts

Again, sending an email to clients who have abandoned their shopping carts can persuade them to finish their purchases. These emails may be automatic requests for the customer to finish their transaction within a certain amount of time.

These types of emails are really very fascinating. You might as well be reminded of the emails like these that are sitting in your inbox, ready for you to open them!

What is the importance of email marketing though? Do they actually have an impact? Let’s check:

Advantages of Email Marketing

1. Increase consumer fervour

Customer interest can be greatly increased through email marketing. A newsletter can be an efficient, quick, and easy way to notify clients about (and get them enthusiastic about) new product launches or new promotions.

2. Increase client loyalty

You can frequently communicate with consumers and website visitors by using email marketing. Proven customers also value being informed of new items and promotions. According to studies, acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than keeping an existing one.

3. Improved customer service

Compared to social media updates, where users can miss notifications and simply scroll through their news feeds, email marketing has a higher chance of being viewed. Emails may be sent to thousands of users with just a few clicks. They are free to read whenever it is convenient for them, whether online or off.

4. It is affordable and simple to maintain

Email marketing is affordable and reasonably simple and inexpensive to maintain, as was already said.

Still not entirely persuaded of the importance of email marketing?

By 2022, email marketing must be used by your company to interact with and reach your target audience. Here are some compelling reasons why.

6 Reasons you a brand should try Email Marketing in 2022

The importance of email marketing is numerous. Let us tell you why your brand needs to employ this method of marketing – 

  1. Cost-effective email marketing.
  2. Email marketing can help you reach more mobile customers.
  3. The process of email marketing can be automated.
  4. Personalising content for email marketing is simple and increases response rates.
  5. You may add interactivity to your email marketing.
  6. Your email marketing activities may be readily and swiftly measured.

To end it – 

We hope this blog has helped you to get clarity on the importance of email marketing. With the right email marketing campaign and frequency, a brand can reach great success by attracting a large number of customers. And marketing agencies like Gemius are helping brands in getting the email marketing strategy right! Check out to see the brands that we are associated with. Also, you will be able to see the superhit campaigns that we have launched for various brands over the years. You can get the right strategy for your brand and reach the pinnacles of success with the help of Gemius.