How does an agency celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is a frenetic time at an agency. The run up to Diwali is like a 100m dash, with people crushing the deadlines daily. Equally adventurous is the 5 day diwali break that comes on and after Diwali, where after a sail through stormy waters, one enters a sea of serenity.

But in the days preceding the big day, work runs at a high pace, if not the highest pace compared to any other time of the year. Ideas are swirling around and meeting after meeting the goal of completing all the tasks is slowly inched towards. Basically the atmosphere is charged up, the creators are pumped up and the music is amped up. Food appears whether ordered by individuals or by the company, because as the saying goes, no army won a war on an empty stomach.

Festive creative posts and ads are at the highest frequency during this time as Diwali comes with a whole load of other festivals attached to it, before and after. From Navratri, to Durga Puja, to Dussehra, to Karwa Chauth, all the festivals add up to the workload even before Diwali comes up. And due to the 5 days break after Diwali the work for those days also has to be completed beforehand.

With much fanfare, grinding with joy day after day, the work gets completed and the group goes off to the much awaited 5 days of Diwali Vacation with many wishes of “Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year”. Many have plans to travel and many have no plans except to rest.

How is Diwali celebrated in your agency or company? Do let us know in the comments.