Growing Forward Together - Rebranding of BNI

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a lot of changes and adaptations in businesses across the globe. We were able to see brands and organisations adopting newer techniques. Adjustment towards the #NewNormal & newer practices is a must. As they say, if businesses are not agile enough to change their face and adopt new methodology, they will die out eventually.

The Global Networking Organisation, BNI, runs on a membership model and members meet every week. BNI faced a blow because of lack of possibility of weekly meetings which actually helps the organisation thrive. More than 270,000 members were left in a jiffy, across the Globe on how to carry the meetings. These meetings were able to drive a business of over Rs 10,000 Crore in the year 2019!
BNI showed it’s ability as a techno-networking organisation and ensured to go 100% digital and initiate conversations and businesses for its members & visitors. Not only that, BNI also brought in a new face to connect more on a digital level and create a lasting impact for the members & benefactors alike.
Check out the video of Rebranding here:


Why Rebranding?

For an organisation which has been existing in the industry for over 35 years, expressing its true essence and building a connect with the users becomes necessary. Godrej, for instance, planned for a rebranding in the recent times to establish a connect with the millennials and young audience.  Likewise, BNI was looking for a new identity to ensure the message of digital connectivity is spread across the Globe, strongly.

With a strong mission statement to “Grow Forward Together” BNI brought in a new color and skin which can connect hearts, digitally. The true essence of BNI to build business networks and enable harmony among entrepreneurs by supporting each other’s vision to grow together remains as is. The organisation is aiming to create a stronger leadership and path breaking experience for it’s members and stake holders with the help of a mission which connects millions.



What else is new?

The new logo and identity brings in a lot of new opportunities for everyone involved in the journey. The identity talks about growth and aims to connect stronger than ever. The color is bold & ecstatic, enabling a strong image. The stationery and visuals will change across the Globe for all BNI related communications, soon. Check out the images below!


And something super exciting is here!

Several Brands across the Globe have explored having a theme music or an anthem which can connect with its users. BNI introduced a theme music as well. This is really different for a networking organisation but it sure is exciting!



So yes, the news is official. BNI is changing with the #NewNormal and we will soon see a fresh look of the brand, across the globe!

Its about time to restructure your business, innovate & excel.