Nothing can feed you more but your passion when it is about your job. As an engineer, I came with a default tagline of a Technical Employee and soon understood that I have to start my career with a technical job. But who would have thought that I would end up following my passion? And as they say, there will be sunshine after the rain and landing a job at Gemius was somewhat of a similar experience. As a Copy Writer at the agency, it was discernible for me to write a blog.

Having worked here for almost 2 months now, I came across many people from all walks of life and learned new things in quite a short span. A lot of copies have been written over several cups of coffee. Handling projects and clients along with creative designers, visualizers, and writers are always exciting here. Every day is a new beginning for us where we try to map out ideas and create stories – art et al – the ideology we believe in. Still, a lot more stories are to be added to my experience here at Gemius. Till then, enjoy this week’s playlist to add up to your favourites.

Believe – Eminem

Stargazing – Kygo, Justin Jesso

I Did Something Bad – Taylor Swift

Vampire’s Kiss – John Gold

Empty – Ray LaMontagne


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