Sansanikhez Khabar: Dabur Bana Masalon Ka Badshah

“Dabur acquired 51% of the stakes in Badshah Masala.” This news has been making the rounds in the business industry. People must have definitely made comments as per their understanding of this matter from the point of view of either business owners, market experts, or bystanders.

However, Gemius has been associated with Badshah since 2018 and has been handling the brand’s overall marketing. Being very closely associated with Badshah Masala and observing the brand’s growth, here is Gemius’ take on this association between Dabur and Badshah Masala.

Read this blog till the end to understand what the marketing agency of the brand, which has taken the biggest step, thinks about it.

Gemius’ association with Badshah

We are all aware of the humble beginnings of Badshah Masala, and we have also seen the brand break all the pre-existing pedestals of success and make its own high place in the charts.

The iconic jingle of “Badshah Masala” still rings in our ears and is one of the most popular jingles even today, with people remixing it and making reels and shorts out of it.

“Swad Sugandh Ka Raja 

Badshah Banaye Badhiya Khana

Badshah Masala……”

(You never move ahead without humming this catchy tune at least once)

Gemius has been associated with the brand since 2018 and has launched some of the most ground-breaking campaigns for the brand. When a brand reaches the status of being an irreplaceable part of so many homes, it also shoulders the responsibility of making people aware and breaking stereotypes. Gemius has been planning campaigns for Badshah Masala that fulfil the 64-year-old brand’s obligation towards making society accept new thoughts as the brand has seen times and decades change, and with each decade it has seen the world change.

When it comes to global change, Badshah Masala’s decision to collaborate with Dabur is a game changer. Only brands committed to serving as many people as possible and willing to take the risk of expanding their empire for the rest of the world to see and be inspired by do things like this.

Breaking down the deal between Dabur and Badshah Masala

This deal is a strategic decision made by Badshah Masala that will speed up the brand’s growth by allowing the company to embark on more audacious new projects. Dabur will pump more money into Badshah Masala and provide a multi-fold reach for the brand, hence increasing the brand’s entire potential. As a result, more people will be able to enjoy Badshah Masala. 

This new acquisition will also assist in better organising the organisation for the anticipated faster expansion. Given that Dabur will now be able to grow the portfolio of its FMCG company, the future appears promising for both brands, whereas Badshah Masala wants to have a greater impact on the Indian diaspora worldwide.

Badshah Masala truly being the Badshah of Spice Industry

Badshah Masala has proven that it is the true ruler of the Masala fraternity. Very similar to the older times, rulers also used to form associations to grow their empires, and this deal can be seen as the modern-day association of Badshah Masala with an ally to grow its empire. 

No wonder this ruler has been ruling the kitchens and hearts of millions of people around the globe for so many years, and with this association of Dabur and Badshah Masala, the reign will keep on expanding and becoming memorialised.

What are your thoughts?

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