In these difficult times, staying at home is the new normal. COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone worldwide. Hundreds of people are fighting coronavirus and hundreds of others are fighting isolation. As social beings, we seek human connections for survival. Loneliness isn’t just a feeling. Just like hunger and thirst which leads a person to reach out for food and water, loneliness is a biological warning. 

At this point in time, businesses need to be extra careful with the words they use. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to communicate with the customers in a way that alleviates their pain. Every brand is incorporating the pandemic into their content and messages but they are still unsure of how to communicate while staying relevant during such an unprecedented time. If you are a non-essential product brand, it is important for you to offer value to the customers rather than thinking of conversion. The points below are the guidelines that you can keep in mind while communicating with your customers and marketing your brand. 

Remember, appropriate communication is the key!


Everyone is busy fighting their battle with Covid-19. During these times, when social media communication is on its peak there is a risk of accidentally coming off as insensitive. So, it’s better to keep your content steer clear of using humor or wit. It’s better to use a serious tone over casual. Keep your copy a mix of positive, inspirational, and helpful tone. Apart from being serious and positive, you can also look at the brighter side through your content. But before that, know the difference between being inspiring and being indifferent to the situation. Brands like Starbucks and McDonalds are keeping their content straight and positive rather than their usual playful and pun-intended conversation style.


In an effort to minimize the spread of inaccurate information and panic, go the extra mile and take the extra steps to stay accurate. This will not only keep the environment positive but it will also keep you in the loop with search trends and help you maintain the trust with your audience. Get your facts straight when copywriting for social media and ads from the best reliable places such as WHO and the department of public health of your state. 


Nothing is more important and urgent than Covid-19 and during these times if you are still using “Shop now” or “Grab before its’ too late” than your content can backfire you as an insensitive brand. Don’t forget to amend your copywriting so that calls to action are suitable. Also, it is better to keep your message as flexible as possible so you don’t have to be frequently updating your copy.  


Even if buying isn’t a priority right now, you can still plan content to stay at the top of their minds. But, how?

Marketing your brand upright can backfire you during these times. People will look at it as maybe being slightly insensitive and trying to capitalize on a pandemic. Rather consider their needs during these difficult times and provide value through your content. Content that educates them and yet keeps them inspired will always be in demand.

As a brand, you have to understand that one word wrong at these times may lead you to more severe results. Change your message and tone but keep your copywriting standards the same while supplying information and adding value to your audience.