Content Marketing Tricks to make ‘em buy!

Someone’s said it right, “Content is King!” It holds true for a simple message of “Daag Acche Hain!” by India’s favourite Surf Excel or for Coca Cola, making their beverage synonymous to the drink you need to reach out for with “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola!”

Whether it’s an ad copy, a stellar tagline or an in-depth educational blog, if the content can’t make the person who reads it feel something, no amount of effort or long shifts matter. Because a customer will only make a decision to spend their money based on how they feel about spending it. Let’s discover some of the ways how your content can make ’em truly buy.

Niche is Neat! 

Every brand, if given their way would cater to every kind of customer personality, but more often than not, that just doesn’t hold true. Focusing and trying to speak to everyone at once can make the brand seem dwindling on the surface of one’s emotions rather than hitting them hard where they need to. Specifically talking about issues that matter to your direct audience, giving solutions to problems one knows they face, that’s how you bring these casual surfers into potential customers.

Education over Assumption!

Today’s netizens are smart readers and buyers and they can call out the difference between a product of value and a product of marketing. What swung by 10 years ago will not work out now. Assuming your audience knows the same or lesser than you is a mistake that can cause a brand business and their reputation. A brand can only become an integral part of someone’s life is if they can trust it. And hence, its communication needs to reflect that. Being educative about issues that matter to your audience and ensuring reliability of the said information is a sure shot way to build a relationship that could last forever. 

Bring in the Experts!

People who know about the stuff and issues that matter to your customers are your true influencers. Focusing efforts on generating content with these experts give brands visibility for being authentic and the listeners a reason to lend an ear with an intent to truly listen and hence, make a decision that could be in the brand’s favour. Collaborations are all the rave right now and making them fruitful with specialists can give the edge brands need today.

In conclusion, there are several tips and tricks out there that brands can refer and try to incorporate, several tools and analysis they can make, but it boils down to the most fundamental thing – Help customers feel what they want when they think of you, and we know, you’ll be golden!