Content Ideas, If You Are Struggling To Rank (Final Chapter)

In the Chapter 1 of this series of Content ideas, if you are struggling to rank, we told you why content is so important, along with the sources from where you could get unique content ideas. This is the extension of that blog and is the final chapter of this series. In this blog we are yet again going to tell you the sources where you could find unique content ideas. These sources are going to blow your mind. Keep reading the blog till the end and take notes to kickstart your ranking game once again. 

Let’s get started now. 

Unique Content Ideas

We are continuing from the point we stopped at in the first blog of this series, let’s find new sources and get surprised – 

4th Source – 

Reddit keyword research Tool 

This tool is quickly becoming the favourite of many. This is because the Reddit Keyword Research Tool shows the trending topics that people are searching and researching and searching for the millionth time… well, you get what we are trying to say, right? 

All you have to do is type a subreddit into the tool, or pick one from an auto generated list. Hit the ‘Get Keywords’ button, and you will get results showing a lot of keywords from that subreddit. Not only this, but this tool also provides the monthly search volume data from Google Keyword Planner. 

5th Source – 

Scanning blog comments

It’s said that blog comments are a content goldmine in themselves, and rightly so. When you publish a blog, your audience comments on the things that they would like to get knowledge on. When you read the comments and see a pattern of what people are inclined towards, you get an idea of the best thing that you must work on. No need to say but when you provide the thing which your audience asked from you, they will love it!

This trick can also be employed with your competitors’ blogs too. Checking out the comments on your competitors’ blogs will give you new ideas on the things that you can work on, and maybe before your competitor to get a good visibility before them. 

6th Source –

Trending Products

The idea behind this is the fact that the products that would be trending would give you new ideas in two ways – 

  1. You can create new content on the trending products
  2. You can see the products which are trending and the problems that they solve.

While the first type is pretty obvious but you could definitely do that too, the second one is a jackpot. When you know the products that are trending, you get to know the problems that they are solving. Now, if the products are trending then this is a direct indication that people are suffering from the problems the products solve. Now, you could make content on the niches that are getting attention from the people. 

Summing Up!

All of these ways will further help you get content ideas so that you can rank better.

Do tell us how you liked these recommendations and whether or not they helped you in rank better!

Also, let us know which topic you would like to see the next blog on. (No we are not asking because we are out of content ideas, or maybe we are! )

Keep checking to get more such informative content.