Content Ideas, If You Are Struggling To Rank (Chapter-1)

Trust us when we say this, everybody goes through the phase when they are out of content ideas and they don’t know what to do. It is like a phase where the world seems to have gone bare of content ideas for websites, youtube, blogs and all the other platforms. But don’t worry! We have a way out! 

In the first chapter of Content ideas if you are struggling to rank, we will let you know 5 ways through which you could find great content ideas.

Why Is Content So Important? 

“Content is the king” in today’s time. We all know that if a content goes viral, the person becomes a superstar overnight. But to think of a content that is so unique that might go viral is the crucial thing. 

So basically, content is what makes or breaks a person because the audience only accepts unique content today. 

This also holds true when you want to rank a website, a youtube channel or want to get more visits and traction. But the same question arises again, how to find the unique content that would benefit you?

Here’s the answer – 

From Where To Get Unique Content Ideas?

Stop searching Youtube Content ideas, Instagram Content ideas, Blogging Content ideas, Blogger Content ideas, and Content Ideas for Website on the internet and find unique content ideas here –  

1. Google Image Tags 

All you need to do is First, search a broad topic idea on Google Images.

Then, take a look at the tags that Google suggests at the very top, before the images.

These tags are basically terms that Google considers very closely related to what you just typed in.

Now, all you need to do is combine the tag with the keyword that you searched for.

For example, take the term “Whey Protein”.

You can use Google Image tags to come up with topics like “Whey Protein Recipes”, “Whey Protein Powder Shakes” and many more.

2. Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library is quite an unknown source of tried and tested content ideas.

To use it for great content ideas, search for a Facebook page for the niche you are working.

There you will see all of the ads that page is running.

Now, we don’t have to concentrate on the traditional ads that send people to squeeze pages.

Instead, we will focus on the Facebook boosted posts that are promoting a specific piece of content that they have published.

This is important because the piece of content is being paid for promotion, which simply means that it is performing well. Additionally, you will also get to see the keywords that are being used to promote the post.

3. Free Tools

One of the best ways to find content topic ideas is by focusing on new topics instead of going after the ones that people are already using and ranking on. New topics contain a plethora of opportunities because –

  • They are not so competitive.
  • You can set your own tone and phrases and words to define different perspectives.

So, all you need to do is to find new topics!

But how? 

Through various free tools that are available. Exploding Topics.

A free tool will scan the web for topics that are getting more and more searches and interests, hence, recognition from the people.

When you will know what people are interested in, you will know what content to provide them to get interested in your business/project/brand.

Summing Up!

All of these ways will help you get content ideas, already popular or new, and through that you will be able to rank better.

Don’t forget to tell us how you liked these recommendations and whether they helped you in ranking better!

Keep checking this space to find a Chapter 2 shortly, which would have even better recommendations.

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