Porta Bites


Brand Strategy - Campaigns - Digital Media


PortaBites is a thriving ready to eat food brand. With their unique freeze-drying process, which helps in sustaining the quality of the products and retain their true flavour. They boast an amazing variety of Indian curries, snacks, fruits or even vegetables, making them a convenient option for a quick-snack, without compromising on nutrient content.

With their packaging, we tried to develop a unique brand identity, which is niche yet easily relatable. Gave them a quirky appeal by the use of different illustrations but made sure it is sophisticated design overall.

All with their packaging and collateral design, we have also defined their communication over digital media. In their digital communication, we took a quirky approach by humanizing the packaging and creating content such as ‘Ministry of Hunger Affairs’ and displayed how Portabites will settle in someone’s daily routine.