About Us

Who we are

We believe that culinary skill requires the proper use of spices to enhance colour, taste, and flavour of the food. The purpose of spices as additives is to make food more appetising for everyone, especially children. Spices act as a good preservative and are rich in antioxidant properties. Spices were a major attraction for European settlers in our country several years ago.

We procure raw materials from the best fields in India, and quality control checks are regularly carried out under our personal supervision. The formulae of our spice blends is a very closely guarded family secret, as any particular patent is derived only after years of meticulous hard work and research.

The vast range of spices Badshah offers you makes every day bland food more appealing, nutritious, and interesting. With the introduction of small economy packs, our products are have penetrated into the smallest of Indian centres as well.

Our entrepreneurial jargon since the last 4 decades remains the same – Catering national and international households with unbeaten flavour and enchanting aromas adding the necessary nutritional value.